The TAARII Newsletter is published in the spring and fall. For submission details, please see our TAARII Newsletter Guidelines.

The deadlines for the newsletter have changed to better reflect TAARII’s activities. The fall issues will cover the activities of the fall; the spring will cover the activities of the spring. Therefore, if you are a member, you will receive a hard copy of the fall newsletter in early spring of the following year; the spring issue will be in mailboxes by the fall.

The deadline for submission to the spring newsletters is APRIL 1 of each year.

The deadline for submission to the fall newsletters is NOVEMBER 1 of each year.



As readers may by aware, TAARII is committed to producing and printing a bilingual newsletter in English and in Arabic. Our September 2007 issue, sadly, was printed primarily in English (with Arabic to appear on the website). We regret that, beginning with the Spring 2008 issue, our newsletter is in printed in English only. We hope to seek funds for its Arabic translation for posting on our website and are actively seeking support for the ongoing cost of translation, so that we can continue printing a bilingual edition. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we raise the necessary funds.


Issue No. 9-1/2 Spring & Fall 2014

Issue No. 8-2 Fall 2013

Issue No. 8-1 Spring 2013

Issue No. 7-2 Fall 2012

Issue No. 7-1 Spring 2012

Issue No. 6-2 Fall 2011

Issue No. 6-1 Spring 2011

Issue No. 5-2 Fall 2010

Issue No. 5-1 Spring 2010

Issue No. 4-2 Fall 2009

Issue No. 4-1 Spring 2009

Issue No. 3-2 Fall 2008

Issue No. 3-1 Spring 2008

Issue No. 2-2 Fall 2007 (English and Arabic)

Issue No. 2-1 Spring 2007 (Enlgish and Arabic)

Issue No. 1-2 Fall 2006 (English)

Issue No. 1-2 Fall 2006 (Arabic)

Issue No. 1-1 Spring 2006